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Fever blisters represent recurrent skin eruptions that develop due to Herpes simplex virus infection. The initial infection affects the lips and may also cause blisters inside the oral cavity. Recurrent infections are characterized only by blisters on the lips and/or around the nose. Recurrent fever blisters never form inside the oral cavity.

Recurrence of fever blisters is explained by reactivation of the virus, which actually never leaves the body once the infection takes place. Instead, the virus stays dormant and may get activated in case the immune system is because of any reason compromised i.e. weakened. Recurrent fever blisters do not have to be severe especially if a person recognizes the introduction of the infection and starts taking medications or applying creams timely.

Confirmed Triggers of Fever Blisters

Each and every trigger of fever blisters is actually responsible for weakening of the immune system. Namely, in case the immune system is not strong enough, the virus reactivates and starts to multiply uncontrollably and initiate formation of characteristic skin eruptions.

So first of all, the immune system may become weak due to stress, both physical and emotional. Lack of sleep, problems at work or in relationships and many more are all to blame for weakening of the immune system and subsequent fever blister outbreak.

Furthermore, many illnesses, such as cold, flu or even more complex ones are responsible for weakening of the immune system. They also contribute to the onset of fever blisters.

Under certain circumstance local injury to the area frequently affected by fever blisters may initiate their recurrence. So, physical trauma is another trigger of fever blisters.

It is confirmed that exposure to sun light stimulates viral reactivation. The reason may be a drop in local immune response or weakening of the immune system in general.

Women have to deal with fever blisters more than men because their menstruation and pregnancy make them more susceptible to recurrent infections.

Finally, fever blisters are rather frequent and may be severe in patients with immune system deficiency.Prevention

Some people may prevent fever blisters by avoiding or controlling trigger factors. Those who are the most jeopardized such as patients with weak immune system may be prescribed antiviral drugs which will keep the infection at bay and minimize outbreak severity as well as its duration. Finally, in case one learns how to recognize introduction signs and symptoms of fever blisters, he/she may start taking medications and apply some ointments before blisters form. These actions will for sure reduce the severity of a recurrent attack.

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