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Femara is also called letrozole and was approved by the government to be used in the treatment of breast cancer in postmenopausal women. Before starting a regimen of Femara, a woman should have already received a diagnosis of infertility, and the drug should never be taken without a prescription. It is also important that a woman does not take the medication while pregnant, as it has been linked to birth defects, fetal death and malformation.

Femara is a purely female used infertility drug and should also never be taken by a male. The drug can be especially beneficial in women that do not ovulate or can even help those that ovulate on a regular schedule, but are still unable to conceive. The drug is an aromatase inhibitor and the most common dose prescribed for infertility in woman is 2.5 mg. Femara 2.5 fertility treatment is the lowest dose of the medication and has a high success rate in older women, but not as much in a younger woman. For women that have polycystic ovarian syndrome or have problems with ovulation, the release of follicle stimulating hormone can result in maturation of the egg follicle in the ovary and increase ovulation.

Fertility specialists using Femara describe the mechanism of action as the induction of ovulation. In a female that has no trouble ovulating, Femara 2.5 fertility treatment can result in the release of multiple eggs which can mean more than one baby is conceived. For women that have been trying for many months or years to become pregnant, Femara can be a valid option. For those that have tried and used other medications or procedures in order to become pregnant, the drug can help people conceive when other methods have failed.

For women that have previously tried a drug like Clomid and yielded no results, Femara can induce ovulation and result in the female being able to become pregnant. Femara can be used to treat infertility in women when drugs like Clomid have already failed. When used in the correct way and under the supervision of a fertility specialist, Femara can provide many women with the ability to conceive a healthy baby and become the mother they have always wanted to be.

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