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There are two main types of family planning, the first one being the natural one and the second one involving the use of contraception. Many people, due to religious, personal and numerous other reasons, skip contraception and decide to plan their family in a natural way. However, this method, even though effective in theory, depends greatly on the competence and organization of the people who put it into practice. Thus, there are many individuals who turn out to be bad at natural family planning, blaming the method when they themselves are the ones to blame.

Natural Family Planning vs. Contraception

Regardless of the type of birth control you are using, if you are using it properly, it is bound to be effective in more than 98% of cases. However, this “properly” here is quite a spot of bother, since countless people who are into family planning do not go through all the necessary steps, failing to control their state of affairs. Again, these occurrences result in blaming the methods rather than the users.

Moreover, natural methods lose the battle, since, regardless of the fact that many people successfully maintain and control their family planning methods naturally, a vast majority of individuals believe that they are not capable of achieving the same. Thus, these people turn to contraception and claim that these methods are more effective, even though they have never really tried natural family planning.

On the other hand, those who successfully maintain their family planning naturally, without pills and other such methods, say nothing but positive things about this approach.

The Best Family Planning Method

In general, every family planning that works for you is the best family planning method. Therefore, it is all a mater of individual experience and effectiveness.

As for pregnancy itself, people need to realize that it is not something to be running from, evading it at all costs. Planned parenthood is a good thing and people can greatly benefit from being prepared for their children before the latter come. However, ending up pregnant even though you did not planning is not the end of the world. After all, motherhood and pregnancy itself are all natural courses of life and, even though these factors can be modified and maintained, they can also come without any extra care or supervision.

So, there is nothing wrong with natural or any other type of family planning. It all depends on the type of the person you are and your own desires. In fact, there is nothing wrong with pregnancy and having a child as well. It is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world. Thus, if you desire to indulge into family planning, do it. On the other hand, if you desire to allow matters to run through their natural course, let them be.

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