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Family planning has become increasingly popular due to several factors which have affected the modern world. First of all, numerous people enter their childbearing age. Secondly, more and more individuals are using effective ways of birth control and contraception. Thus, apart from people being careful and controlling their pregnancy, they seek the help of family planning services as well. And, as far as statistical insight is concerned, these numbers are likely to grow through the years to come.

The Growth of Family Planning

The primary group of women involved in family planning ranges from those who are 15 years old to individuals who are 49. It is expected that these numbers will escalate up to 30%, jumping from 8.9 million to 11.6 million, until 2015, in countries such as Tanzania, for example.

Additionally, a growth in number of people who use contraception will surely rise by 90%. For instance, in Peru, where people are already using contraception in large numbers, the amount of protected individuals will rise from 3.7 million to 4.5 million, since the overall population is growing as well.

More women are being born and have already been born during recent years, and this information gives us reasons for speculating about the overall growth of family planning services demand. Naturally, we cannot know if these women will be using adequate contraceptive measures or not. However, from the current information about family planning we know that people in developing countries such as sub-Saharan Africa would definitely like to improve their overall situation regarding family planning. Basically, they would benefit greatly from contraception being more available and affordable in these parts of the world. Since these factors are bound to improve over the years to come, we can expect an increase in family planning to take place.

Generally, contraception is increasing worldwide with more and more people being interested in controlling their pregnancy and the number of children they will give birth to. Moreover, people are interested in the sex of the child, as well as numerous other factors which family planning services can help them with.

Future Plans for Family Planning

First and foremost, family planning services need to be made more available on a global level. Numerous organizations are working on making this happen and people around the world already benefit from their efforts. The USAID, the Cairo Consensus, PHE projects, United Nations Population Fund, The National Family Planning Program and the REAL act are just some of many organizations of this type, providing health care services and contraception to many who need it, getting family planning closer to being present and available world-wide.

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