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Family Health International is a public health organization that conducts medical research and implements programs in 55 countries worldwide. This organization is focused on many various programs, addressing some of the most severe health concerns of our times. For example, Family Health International works globally to improve family planning and reproductive health, puts a lot of effort to end some of the most serious infectious diseases in Africa and Asia, and supports the global efforts to end HIV/AIDS epidemic. Since 2002, Family Health International works in Zambia and currently has 388 staff members. Their mission in Zambia is very important since this country is ranged 150 out of 169 for overall levels of development.

Situation in Zambia

Zambia is a land of 13 million people where most of the citizens live below the line of poverty. About 68% of all citizens in Zambia are poor and 45% of all citizens are undernourished. People of Zambia are some of the most vulnerable on earth, about 71% of them are illiterate and women are in extremely tedious position since they usually have even lower education compared to men. The infant mortality rate in this country is very high – 92 per 1000 live births. 149 children per 1000 live births will not even survive until the age of five. Citizens of Zambia are at very high risk of infection, dehydration and famine. As much as 40 percent of population lacks access to clean water and 51 percent lacks sanitation.Family Health International on a mission in Zambia

Family Health International works in partnership with Zambia government and local organizations to address all of the important health issues of this country. The focus of their mutual programs are set on HIV and AIDS prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases, maternal and child health, family planning and reproductive health. This country had the fifth highest HIV prevalence in the world, in 2007. The incidence of this infection has decreased to more than 25% lately.

The efforts of Family Health International have led to improvement in existing physical infrastructure and integrated various HIV and AIDS services into clinical areas. The organization has provided laboratory and pharmaceutical services to Zambia and improved information systems, patient tracking and patient capacity for self-care.

Family Health International also tries to ensure the children will receive adequate nutrition, education and all kinds of support. Their goal is also to support positive behavior change through organized training in radio production.

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