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Loniten is a drug typically prescribed for treating high blood pressure. We all know how much hypertension is serious condition and what consequences it may cause if it is left untreated and for that reason the taking of certain medicines are extremely important. However, every prescribed medicine has its side effects and Loniten as well. Loniten is a long-term medicine and it really helps in controlling the blood pressure so that the people who take it should find a way to deal with the side effects of this medicine.

Loniten which is also called Minoxidil is primarily prescribed for hypertension but since it causes excessive hair growth it is also prescribed for treating baldness. Loniten is good for both these conditions since it widen the blood vessels. However, Loniten is good for people who suffer from hypertension and hair loss at the same time since in those people who take this drug to treat baldness but do not have high blood pressure a sudden serious drop in the blood pressure may occur. Acne, headaches ad vision problems are also some of the side effects of this medicine.

Loniten and constipation

Loniten is likely to cause constipation as an adverse effect so that many doctors advise their patients to use the laxatives while they take this drug. It is important to avoid harsh laxatives since they may impair the normal absorption of the nutrients, which is very important for the general health of the body. The laxatives have to provide relief from constipation symptoms and to provide normal bowel movement ad not to diminish the effectiveness of the Loniten.

No matter for which purpose someone takes Loniten, it is important to pay attention to his/her bowel movements and to relieve the symptoms of constipation. Therefore, the diet should be high in fiber and plenty of water should be drunk. Furthermore, Psyllium as a bulk laxative is very powerful when treating constipation and should be used along with Loniten.

Many experts suggest taking of the product Oxy Powder along with the medicines which cause constipation. Oxy Powder is also taken as a colon cleanser. It does not interfere with the taken medicines and relieves the constipation symptoms by working together with the good bacteria. It should be used since Oxy Powder is proven to be a natural product that cleanse the bowels and the colon and which has a positive impact the general health of the body.

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