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Divorce is almost always a complex legal and emotional procedure but what if you are expecting a baby and divorcing, all at the same time? The specifics of how to handle your situation will vary from woman to woman. There is always one thing that stays the same, though, and that is a need to be well-informed. So, what are the things you need to know about when you are pregnant and divorcing?

If your current husband is not the father of the baby you are expecting, this can set you up for a complex legal situation. In many countries, husbands are automatically seen as the father of any baby you have while married or within a certain amount of time after you divorce. Get a good lawyer! Amicable agreements, wherever possible, may be preferable to court settlements. If you and your soon to be ex husband are expecting a baby together, and are in agreement about coparenting, divorcing after the baby arrives may be a better option. If you are divorcing an abusive husband, it is best to inform yourself about custody issues as soon as possible. Here too, having a good lawyer may be key. If you are concerned about the right to live in your marital home, it is best not to move out of it. Also keep in mind that your income and housing situation can have an impact on custody rulings. If there are any specific reasons for which you are divorcing, like adultery, attempt to have concrete proof that you could draw on in court. Although divorcing may be absolutely possible without a lawyer in many countries and situations, if there are any issues whatsoever on which you and your current husband disagree, a good attorney is certainly very valuable. If you are unable to afford an attorney, legal aid or women's centers may be able to assist you.

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