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Erectile dysfunction is one of the most unpleasant health problems affecting men. It is also known as male impotence and described as a type of sexual dysfunction in which a male is unable to develop and maintain an erection of the penis. As a consequence, affected male is incapable to perform sexually, which leads to many severe psychological consequences, lowers patient’s self-esteem and even obstructs the relationships. People usually believe that erectile dysfunction affects only older men. However, this is only partially true, since most of the men affected are older than 65.

On the other hand, erectile dysfunction affects men of all ages, and it is caused by numerous causes. For example, some of the affected men may experience erectile problems as a result of other underlying medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or neural disorders. Others may suffer from psychological impotence, which occurs as a result of negative thoughts and feelings, and is often associated with performance anxiety. Sometimes, erectile dysfunction happens due to various lifestyle factors such as excessive smoking or prolonged hours of riding a bicycle. Whatever is the case, erectile dysfunction occurs as a vascular problem since a penile erection is the hydraulic effect of blood entering and being retained in sponge-like bodies within the penis. Therefore, a number of carefully designed yoga exercises may be everything a patient will need to solve this unpleasant issue.

Yoga for erectile dysfunction

In classical yoga practice, there are several postures, or asanas, used to sublimate one's sexual energy and treat problems in the urino-genital system. Ardha Ushtrasana, or the Half-camel pose, is an easy pose that begins by sitting on the knees. Exerciser can use a cushion to support the body, if necessary. The exerciser should place palms behind the back and slowly inhale while lifting the hips up. This posture is held for a couple of breaths. It is important to keep the knees together, if possible and repeat the posture at least three times.

Udarakarshanasana, or the abdominal twist, is also very efficient. It is performed by sitting on the knees. From this position, exerciser lifts up right knee, supporting the legs on toes, and positions it higher than the left one. The next step is to draw the right knee with the left hand towards the body, while holding the right hand behind the back, at a waist. The elbow is pointing back, and the stretch feels throughout the right side of the body. This position is held for a couple of breaths and then repeated on the other side of the body and alternately three times.

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