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Painful sexual intercourse can be a problem for both partners, leading to emotional and physical discomfort. The pain felt during intercourse can be sharp, jabbing or manifesting through deep aches that the affected woman experiences. Moreover, the pain is experienced during or after the intercourse, lasting for up to 2 days. Additionally, while some women have this pain triggered by any kind of sexual contact, others may feel the same only after deep penetration. Sometimes, this pain is present before or during menstrual cycles. On the other hand, it may appear again and again during every single month. Therefore, if endometriosis is triggering pain during intercourse, it can manifest in many different ways.

Information on Painful Intercourse

There are many possible reasons behind painful intercourse. One of them might be stretching or pulling of endometrial implants which are located in the vaginal or uterus area. Another cause may lie in dryness of the vagina due to hormonal imbalance or removal of the ovaries.

When a woman experiences painful intercourse, she should not ignore it. Rather, she should talk to her partner and seek understanding and support. Communication is the first step towards solving this problem. Therefore, it is a must. A woman should explain the pain she feels during intercourse to her partner. The pain may manifest through many different ways – physically, emotionally or psychologically. If she has any fear about the relationship, the intercourse itself or any other matter, she should talk it over with the partner. Once these problems have been resolved, the couple may seek medical assistance for the woman's problem.

Preventing and Treating Painful Intercourse

Consulting with a sex therapist may be a good choice, when it comes to solving your painful intercourse problem. Basically, he/she may advise you to change positions or indulge into sexual intercourse only during parts of the month when you do not feel pain.

Also, you may need to modify your sex act so that it results in enjoyment for both sides. Every woman is different and you should experiment with your partner until you find out ways of avoiding pain during intercourse. This might involve gentle and slow penetration, longer or more creative foreplay, usage of artificial lubricants etc.

What you should not do is stay silent and passive. If you start experiencing pain during intercourse, you should notify your partner immediately and try to solve this problem together. Be honest and do not be afraid to seek for help. After all, being in a relationship is not only about sex. Kissing, hugging, caressing, holding or even masturbating together can be a suitable substitute for your sex life, until the pain goes away.

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