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If a woman is experiencing pain with the intercourse, whether it is prior to it or afterwards, or during the intercourse, she must feel worried or confused since sexual intercourse is known to be one of the biggest pleasures in life. However, anything regarding sex is still considered to be of a somewhat taboo topic, so not many women express their concerns regarding this issue. The good news is that this kind of pain is more unpleasant than serious, and that many women experience these problems at certain periods in their lives. Also, this issue is completely treatable.

Symptoms of painful intercourse

Although painful intercourse itself is far from uncommon, the circumstances in which it occurs are different for every woman individually. For example, while some women will feel genital pain when their vagina comes in contact with anything, even a tampon, others will have these problems only with certain partners. The intensity and the type of pain which is experienced, as well as its exact location also vary for every woman. Some women may only feel short-lasting, insignificant entry pain, and others could feel it as a quite deep and constant kind of pain.

No matter what the symptoms are or how intense, consulting a doctor about these issues is highly recommended.

Causes of painful intercourse

The causes for pain during intercourse vary based on the kind of pain the person is experiencing.

When it comes to entry pain, which is the most frequently complained about kind of genital pain, there are several reasons for its manifestation. First of all, one of the common problems is insufficient lubrication. That means that the women is either not aroused enough or it is a result of a decrease in estrogen levels due to menopause or childbirth-related reasons, such as breast-feeding. Lack of physical sexual desire just prior to the intercourse may also be explained by a use of some birth-control pills or other medications which affect the lubrication. Also, any kind of previous injury to the area in question or a present condition such as an inflammation or infection are all potential reasons of entry pain.

As for deep pain, the most likely reasons are also some possible present injuries or conditions, such as infections, but this kind of pain can also be a result of a surgical procedure in the genital area because of the scars it left.

Treatment of painful intercourse

There are many solutions to try out when dealing with painful intercourse. The most important thing is good communication with the partner. Talking about the desires and introducing some changes to the sexual routine until a pleasurable position is found are good ways to work on this problem. In other cases, this issue will need to be dealt with with medications.

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