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Intercourse is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, and sometimes, the pain can interfere in this pleasurable activity. Normally if not aggressive, sex cannot cause any pain. So if one feels pain during intercourse perhaps this is the reason to contact the doctor.

Women are those who have to face painful intercourse at least once in life time. The causes of pain during sexual intercourse are numerous and a woman should find a perfect solution to eliminate this problem. It is, therefore, best to consult a doctor as he/she may help in case that the problem is either physical or mental.

Causes of Painful IntercourseEntry PainPain can occur while men are penetrating. There is a variety of causes which can be responsible for pain in this stage of the intercourse. Lubrication of vagina may be one of the problems. Namely, some women require longer foreplay which will result in proper lubrication. If intercourse starts and a woman is not lubricated enough the pain may occur. Additionally, insufficient lubrication is present in menopausal women due to lack of female hormone-estrogen. Apart from that even certain medications can interfere in lubrication. They include antidepressants, certain medications for increasing blood pressure and so on.

Previous injuries or current irritation can additionally cause pain during penetration. Even infections of the genital area or urinary tract can result in painful onset of intercourse.

Some women tend to develop allergies to latex which is a component of condom. This way they will feel pain each time a man is using this form of protection.

If diaphragm or cervical cap is not placed properly the pain may also occur. And finally, vaginismus may be a cause of pain during penetration. This condition features with unconscious spasms of the vagina. Pain during Deep PenetrationPain during deep penetration can vary in intensity according to the position. In this case the causes are most commonly medical conditions.

Endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease are in majority of cases followed by pain during deep penetration. Additionally, this sort of pain can be present in the prolapse of uterus, abnormal position of uterus or the presence of uterine fibroids. Even ovarian cysts, hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome can lead to pain during deep penetration.

Infections such as salpingitis or cervicitis can be the source of pain.

And finally all the conditions that result with excessive scaring within the pelvis such as chronic infections, surgical procedures and so on can be consequently followed by pain during intercourse.Emotional FactorsSome women do not have any physical problems or abnormalities. They simply restrain from sex as it causes pain. Stress can be one of the problems.

Depression or anxiety can also result in pain during intercourse. If a woman has been sexually abused she may unconsciously induce pain while having sex. This problem must be presented to a psychologist or psychiatrist as only they can help sexually abused women.

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