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What is the problem with eating, why are people literally so much obsessed with it? Well, the answer is rather simple. Most of the people use food for dealing with emotional problems and this is how the term emotional eating was created. So, what is this emotional eating, how to deal with it, and how to make it disappear?


Some say that one of the best things to do when dealing with stress is eating favorite food while sitting in front of TV, computer screen or while in the company of close friends and/or family members. Stress is something we all have to deal with at one point in our life. Mostly, stress accumulates at work, because of obligations, tasks, relationships with colleagues and bosses. All of these things might create a huge mental pressure, which some people simply cannot deal with and they try to get rid of in any possible way they can think of, and eating is definitely one of those methods.

Usually, in those situations, people eat food that has exquisite flavors, something that will definitely satisfy our taste, and that will increase our happiness and joy, even if that is just for a little while. After that while, stress will slowly crawl back in, fat will be stored, but hunger for more food will not be gone. Of course, this leads to obesity, sooner rather than later, and obesity might lead to cardiovascular problems, which is, well, a big problem now. So, what must be done?


It is obvious that stress should be eliminated, suppressed, controlled with some other method, and it is obvious that eating is not an option, or at least not a healthy one. What is the solution? Well, physical exercise is one thing. But it should definitely be something fun and interesting for a person, because that is the whole point, doing some favorite activity, something that will make a person happy and satisfied. If those are push-ups, ok, let’s do push-ups, hundreds and hundreds of push ups daily. But usually, it is some sport activity, such as soccer match with friends once or twice in a week or something like martial arts, also couple of times a week, or at least a walk once in a while with friends or family.

If eating has to be done, then choice of food should be changed. For example, a person should take an apple instead of chocolate, a tea instead of soda juice, a bowl of cereals instead of hamburger, etc.

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