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This distressing, uncomfortable and embarrassing problem is often painful as well. The symptoms that inevitably follow the outbreaks can be treated and even healed, but the person cannot do anything to get rid of the virus. Unfortunately, once a person contracts herpes simplex virus, it can never be removed from the body system. It stays there for the rest of the life and even though it might be dormant for a long time, stress or some disease will trigger its outbreak sooner or later. What makes it even worse is the fact that this type of virus can easily be transmitted, and the most frequent way of transmission is sexual intercourse.

Besides this way, a pregnant woman who has the so-called first episode can also transmit this virus to her unborn baby, which might even provoke a premature delivery. This virus is more than dangerous for babies, because almost a half of those born with this virus either have some serious nerve damage, or they die. Besides the nerves, the eyes and skin can be infected as well, which is why they need to be treated from the moment they are born. In some cases, even cesarean section might be needed in order for the baby to be protected. Pregnant women who have an outbreak are at significantly lower risk of transmitting this virus to their babies, but the fact is that women rarely have symptoms of active infection in this period.

Is it possible to prevent genital herpes?

Although it might not seem so, the truth is that it is not at all difficult to prevent this kind of herpes. There are only several rules that the person in question needs to follow, and there will be no chance of developing with this disease. What every doctor will advise is definitely practicing safe sex and using a condom. Frequent changes of partners are something that should be avoided, because according to the statistical records, every sixth adult person in the US is the carrier of this virus.

This is why there is no reason to feel embarrassed about asking a new partner whether he or she has ever been tested for the virus responsible for the development of genital herpes. What is also important is keeping the immune system uncompromised and healthy, because this way the body is more resistant to viruses. Regular exercises, enough of sleep, avoiding stress and anxiety and taking in the necessary vitamins are only some of the basic things that help the immune system to be stronger.

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