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All those who suffer from arthritis know that this can be very painful. Arthritis is caused by inflammation in the joint and may be part of other problems that are present. There are different types of arthritis and many different manifestations for each specific type, affecting you in a specific way. All in all, arthritis needs to be taken care of, and, since there are numerous symptoms of this problem, you need to know how to recognize them early and start reacting timely, stopping this condition from progressing, further destroying your joints.

Symptoms of Arthritis

Some of the earliest symptoms of this condition are stiffness, redness and swelling around your joints. All these are likely to cause you discomfort. Furthermore, you might feel tenderness and warmth around and in the problematic areas. Once you are suffering from arthritis, your joints will not function correctly, limiting the range of motion they provide you and getting tired easily. Due to the fact that, with arthritis, you are suffering from a constant inflammation, you might be experiencing fevers every night and sweat excessively during these periods. As far as other effects of arthritis are concerned, it might evolve quickly, getting gradually worse, they can cause you respiratory problems, dry mouth and eyes and, finally, they can lower your red blood cell count.

Since these are all early symptoms of this condition, it is best to seek medical attention as soon as you notice them, reacting timely and being provided with an adequate treatment.

Different Types of Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is one of several types of this condition, manifesting through joint inflammations. However, it might also cause inflammations in some other tissues like our lungs, forming lumps wherever it appears. The sufferers may experience a decrease in the mobility of their joints, accompanied by pain and discomfort, along with tenderness and softness in the morning.

The second type is osteoarthritis. This is usually a condition taking place due to wearing and tearing of one's joints. Thereby, it is common for older people and affects only the joints, causing inflammations, redness, pain and burning sensations in muscles, tendons and other areas surrounding the affected joint. Additionally, your joints may be prone to swelling if you are suffering from osteoarthritis.

Quite commonly, people who had suffered from psoriasis, a skin condition causing peeling skin, scaling and redness, can develop psoriatic arthritis later on in life, affecting the joints closed to the previous location of the psoriasis itself.

If you are experiencing pain in the lower back, hips, spine or even the ribcage, you might be dealing with ankylosing spondilitis. Finally, the most extreme form of arthritis, in terms of pain, is gout. This condition affects only one joint on your body initially, causing pain and discomfort, along with swelling and tenderness, the symptoms reaching their peak at night.

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