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Several joints, or just one, can be affected by inflation andthis condition is called arthritis, which is one of the most widespread medicalconditions of today. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are just two typesof arthritis possible, and we will provide more information on this condition inthe following lines.

Let’s start with the causes of arthritis. Old age is one of the most commoncauses of arthritis, but we can also add genetics and excess weight. Arthritiscan also be caused by overactive immune system, abnormal metabolism, infection,illness, trauma or injury. Children can also be struck by juvenile rheumatoidarthritis, but this happens very rarely.


Arthritis in legs can be detected by one of the most common symptoms of thiscondition and that is leg pain. But this is also one of the most common symptomsof all arthritis types. Generally speaking, joint pain in the legs and arms arethe most common symptoms. Type of the issue will determine the severity of thepain, but this pain usually aggravates upon waking up. Stiffness is the nextpossible symptom and it can be experienced in the wrists, fingers, legs, arms andany other joint. This symptom is also most problematic upon waking up and ifthe leg is not mobilized during the night. Leg arthritis will also developswelling, which is very usual for inflammations. This symptom will help a lotin detecting and diagnosing arthritis, since it is the only visible one. Thereare some other symptoms of arthritis that can be experienced and they aretenderness and chills, which are usually preceded by fever. Walking will beimpaired by the swelling and pain experienced. Additional symptoms, such asanemia and weight loss, are associated with arthritis among children. Juvenilearthritis can also develop rash.


Now we will see how this medical condition is treated. Doctors will have to beconsulted if you have any of the mentioned symptoms, especially if you do knowwhat caused this or these symptoms. The doctors will have to be consulted aswell if stiffness or leg pain becomes worse gradually .In order to diagnose arthritis, doctors will have to perform certain tests suchas X-rays scans and blood tests. If the swelling is in advanced stage, it willnot be visible on the X-ray, but it will in the early stages. MRI scans will beused in the later stages of the swelling. Pain can be reduced but the conditioncannot be cured. Swelling and pain can be brought under control with anti-inflammatorymedications, while another good solution is physiotherapy. If some of the mentionedsymptoms appear, you have to go and see a doctor immediately because arthritiscan cause a lot more damage otherwise.

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