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There are a lot of skin conditions that people may end up suffering from. A skin that becomes dry has a lot more chance of prematurely aging. People should know that dry and wrinkled skin under the eyes is considered to be the first sign of aging. It is a lot more common for people with fair complexion to suffer more from red dry skin under the eyes due to their complexion. A person with dark complexion will notice dry and hardened skin under the eyes a lot later than a person with fair complexion. This particular area is a lot more sensitive than the rest of the skin. This is one of the reasons why it is important to take more care of it. People need to know that red and dry skin under the eyes will eventually result in wrinkles and fine lines. Every person who cares about his or her looks knows that this is a problem. Apart from the eyes looking dull, there is a strong chance that a person will develop dark circles as well. Nowadays, there are more and more young people who worry about red skin under the eyes. However, they need not worry too much because there are a lot of available remedies. However, they should first get to know the causes.

Causes of red dry skin under the eyes

People need to know that there are a lot of causes that lead to dark circles under the eyes and one of the most common is too much stress. As most people know, stress leads to fatigue and hormonal imbalances and these are some of the main causes of red skin under eyes. Dehydration is another cause that can lead to red dry skin under the eyes. Apart from lack of water, low humidity can also lead to dry skin. A person can end up with red dry skin under eyes as a result of certain allergies.

Remedies for red dry skin under eyes

Diet is very important when it comes to healthy and smooth skin. A person needs to intake the right vitamins and minerals, along with some other changes in the diet. Sleeping is also important for the health of the skin and people should sleep at least 7 hours every night. Drinking lots of water is important as well and people should consume at least eight glasses every day. Women need to avoid using cosmetics too much. Apart from these, there are plenty other remedies that will help a person who is already suffering from red dry skin under eyes.

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