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What should be known about the relation between exercising and impotence? Does exercise cause impotence or does exercise alleviate this problem? Problem of impotence is not something that should be disregarded, especially because it is a growing one.


This is something also known as erectile dysfunction. There are numerous reasons that might cause this problem, but they are all, more or less, related to the decreased blood flow to the male sexual organ. There are also several variations of this condition, complete dysfunction, a partial one and temporary one. Actually, a man should see a doctor if this condition occurs every fourth time an erection is needed. As said, each medical problem that causes issues with blood flow might have impotence as a side effect. So, obviously, dealing with that medical condition will eliminate the problem with erection.

But there is also another reason for this problem and that is a psychological one. Sometimes, a psychological trauma from childhood or some trauma that happened later in life might easily cause this dysfunction. And since these psychological problems are not easily solved, it might be expected for erectile dysfunction to last for a while.


What is the impact of exercising on the impotence? Well, there is this overall improvement of the entire health status of the organism. Also, people who exercise regularly will change the shape of the body towards an attractive one and that is a definite psychological booster. In fact, some less dangerous mental conditions may be helped with increased physical activity which, in the end, resolves the problem of impotence. But there is one situation where a man should be careful. It is a period when man and woman are trying to have a baby. In order for pregnancy to start, healthy and agile spermatozoids are needed. Sometimes, when there is exercising present, the testicles become very warm, so much that they damage the spermatozoids and then they cannot perform their function. This means that in this period, only light exercising should be performed in order for the quality of sperm to be on a high level.

It also has to be said that lifestyle can also affect the erectile function. Abusing drugs and alcohol, being obese, these are all situations that might easily cause the mentioned medical problem. This tells us that if we want the best out of our body, we have to behave appropriately when it comes to both mind and body.

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