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Many people suffer from a problem called sleep disorder or somnipathy. After a night of turning in your bed, you wake up and you realize that you cannot concentrate and all of this is a result of a sleepless night. This problem is the subject of enormous number of studies and has a branch in the health care, which is not surprising when we consider the number of people having this problem. The ways of sleeping tight for these people are unknown and many studies are trying to find them and help these people. The most common causes of sleep disorder are incidents and psychological conditions.


Many types of sleep disorder are possible and one branch of them causes problems during the sleep and not while trying to go to sleep. One of such is bruxism, which causes teeth grinding during the sleep. In America, there are more than 20 million of people having this problem right now. Delayed sleep phase syndrome is another sleep disorder that causes problems when waking up and while going to sleep. Individuals with this syndrome are unable to sleep at midnight or later, and in the morning, there are problems with waking up as well. Timing of the sleep is the issue here, but the person will also not get enough of sleep. Hypopnea syndrome is the next sleep disorder that causes shallow breathing during the sleep, which reduces the intake of oxygen. These are problems that can be controlled due to the numerous studies conducted on these issues. There is a type of sleep disorder that causes involuntary sleep, but during the night, the person has no problems falling asleep. This disorder is called narcolepsy. Movement of the limbs during the sleep from time to time is called restless leg syndrome. Movement of the muscles during sleep can be caused by a REM behavior disorder. This can be anything from twitches to the use of limbs, and sometimes these muscle movements can lead to injuries if they are violent enough. Many issues that occur during the sleep, like sleepwalking, sleep apnea and snoring, are now more familiar to the people because of many studies conducted on the sleep disorders.


Somatic medications and psychotherapeutic treatments are available for those with sleep disorder. Various causes, like anxiety, trauma, stress and pain, can lead to a sleep disorder and all of them can be treated with the use of these three treatment options. The elimination of the sleep disorder cannot happen with the sole use of medication because they provide only a temporary solution and once you stop with the medications, the problem will return. On the long run, psychotherapeutic treatment provides better results since it targets the core of the problem, which is usually located in the patient's psyche. The problems of sleep disorders are familiar to us, but we do not know everything about them, although we are getting there. Also, know that the best results can be achieved with the combination of self-treatments and professional psychotherapist.

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