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Our eyes enable us to see and grant us this wonderful sense which expands our perception of the world. In order to receive more light from the world around us, the pupils of our eyes get dilated. However, this can also be caused by numerous other things. Therefore, pupil dilation can be triggered by an underlying health problem.

The light receptor cells of our eyes are located in the back of our eyeballs. Thus, our pupils get dilated and allow the light to enter the eyes, exposing the receptor cells to it. Our iris plays an important part in this process as well, since it narrows and widens, allowing greater light reception control.

Reasons behind Dilated Pupils

If pupil dilation does not take part too often or for too long, this is not a significant health problem. However, if these factors do take place, seeking medical assistance is recommended. In most cases, once the pupils remain dilated for too long, this is a signs of overexposure to the sun, which can lead to eye damage. However, there are many other causes which can lead to this problem.

Quite often medications one is taking represent the main cause of this phenomenon. The drugs that he/she is taking in these situations can be either legal or illegal. Marijuana, cocaine, mushrooms, crystal meth, ecstasy and many others, all trigger dilated pupils.

If you visit your doctor in order to have your eyes examined, he/she may expose your eyes to certain eye drops which cause your pupils to be dilated. These drops are called mydriatics and they are useful since they enable your doctor a better insight into your ocular health. However, since your eyes can be damaged once your pupils have been dilated this way, you doctor is likely to tell you to wear sunglasses until the effect of the medication wears off.

Other Causes of Dilated Pupils

Due to the main purpose of our pupils, being light admittance, these parts of our eyes are bound to get dilated once we are exposed to darkness. The same way, whenever we are exposed to excessive light, our pupils are likely to contract, limiting the absorption in order to protect our eyes. However, if you enter a dark room, you will initially be unable to see anything. Yet, once your pupils become dilated, they will use all sources of light, improving your vision in such circumstances.

Poisoning can also lead to dilated pupils. So, once you have been exposed to certain harmful substances, perceive dilated pupils as a sign of warning and seek medical assistance as soon as possible.

Finally, dilated pupils can be a sign of sexual arousal, due to nervous system stimulation.

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