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By the time a person is 65, there is a 40 percent chance that they will already have signs of osteoarthritis.

It is a degenerative disease in which the cartilage that covers the bones in the joints deteriorates.

It is a disease that has been around for a very long time. In fact, osteoarthritis was noticed in the skeletons of dinosaurs, and the condition was very similar as far as symptoms are concerned to the human form of the bone disease.

It was also uncovered in well-preserved Egyptian mummies and in Native American and Roman skeletons.

Even though it has been around for so long, there is still not way to prevent or reverse it.


The condition of osteoarthritis has increase in its cases over recent years, since the society has become very sedentary and people are staying inside and sitting in front of their computers all day.

Two important factors for health bones are sunlight and vitamin D.

Balanced multiple vitamins and calcium should also be taken to help with the bones.

Vitamin C and B are also very important for healthy bones, as are minerals such as cooper and zinc. Protein will help as well because the cartilage of the bones is made of collagen, which is mainly made of protein.

All in all, basic good nutritional habits are essential for healthy bones. Supplements and Herbs

A good supplement for battling osteoarthritis is glucosamine, because it is excellent for rebuilding cartilage, spurring it to regrow, and easing the symptoms of the disease.

It also stimulates the connective tissue production in the bones, and the joints are thereby repaired as well.

Calcium is also important, as mentioned previously, as is magnesium and phosphorus, along with vitamin D, which is needed in order for the calcium to have any effect on healing and strengthening the bones.

Noni juice has been reported to help with arthritis in many cases. It also stimulates tissue growth and repair.

Vitamin E can stop the enzymes that usually break down cartilage in the bones. It is also helpful in stimulating the regrowth of cartilage and is good for health and well-being in general.

It is important to remember that none of these supplements will work in getting rid of the disease immediately. The treatment of osteoarthritis is a process that requires a long-term therapy, and these natural treatments will offer good ways of treating the disease and improving the health of the bones over an extended period of time.

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