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Decongestant side effects

People who suffer from nasal congestion have problems during their everyday routines. Sleeping, comfort and even health in general will get affected. In times like these, the cure recommended by most experts is a medication called decongestant. It is not hard to get hold of this drug, actually it is quite easy since almost every drug store has it. It can be bought over the counter and it comes in forms of sprays and tablets which are inserted in an oral manner. The majority of people will go for the spray because not only does it work faster it also does not provoke drowsiness.

Decongestant side effects

The main purpose of this drug is to stimulate the systems in the body. Mostly because of this it provokes a fine number of side effects during that process. On the other hand, the studies say that this drug affects only a minority of people who use it and that it is pretty much safe. However, those who are affected by it usually suffer from insomnia. This is a name for the disruption of sleep cycles. When people have problems with sleeping, they usually feel nervous as well, because decongestant provokes way too much stimulation of the brain. In addition to this, blood pressure may rise as well.

Those who have some sort of a heart disease may be in more trouble. This is because side effects from this drug tend to make the symptoms of a heart disease that is already present more severe. A talk with the doctor is strongly advised for those who suffer from some heart disease and are about to intake the decongestant. These side effects mentioned were the ones that can be dangerous. Of course, there are those which are not so troublesome. Nausea, loss of appetite, problems with the urinary system, eyesight problems and headache are among those not so severe side effects.

Precaution against decongestant side effects

A person should know that some drugs like antibiotics and antidepressants for instance are not supposed to be taken at the same time with decongestants. Intake of those medications as well may only worsen the side effects. This is another reason why having a word with the doctor is important before taking any drugs.

Another thing a person should know that decongestant side effects may change the effects of some specific medications in the system. Theophylline and medications administered for treating Parkinson's disease are some of them.

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