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Tamiflu and the maincharacteristics

Tamiflu is a medication that is primarily used in the treatmentof influenza, but it can also be used for its prevention. Its mechanism ofaction consists of attacking the virus and preventing it from furtherspreading, but it should be taken no longer than two days after the exposure tovirus. However, it has not proven its efficiency in the treatment of othertypes of viruses, among which are also those that cause the stomach flu or cold.

Side effects oftamiflu

First of all, it is important to know that Tamiflu is alsoone of the prescription medications, and that it is highly recommended to takeit exactly as prescribed. That way it will be most efficient. Even though itmay cause some unwanted effects, generally, people tolerate it well. If some ofthe side effects do occur, they are usually very mild, and they do not requiremedical treatment. According to the statistics, the number of people who had tostop taking it because of the side effects is even less than 1 %, and this isonly recommended in cases of experiencing signs of allergic reaction.

As for the side effects that adults have reported as themost frequent, those are nausea and vomiting, while in children, vomiting isalso among the most commonly reported side effects. Besides this, children mayexperience pain in the abdomen, problems with ears and ear infection as one ofthe most usual, and conjunctivitis, while adults may have problems withdiarrhea, pain in the stomach and bronchitis. Some studies imply that it is notimpossible for Tamiflu to provoke anemia and pain in the chest, but the factis that the connection between these problems and this medication has not beenproven yet.

This medication is not recommended in cases of pregnant orbreastfeeding women because it is not considered to be safe for them, or forthe baby or fetus, but it is also not recommended in cases of people who havesome problems with liver or kidneys, who have some heart or lung disease orallergy of any kind. When it comes to the possible interactions with othermedications, so far there have been no reports on side effects caused by combiningthis medication with any other. Still, it might be a good idea to discuss theuse of it in case a person already takes some other drug, vitamin, or evenherbal supplement.

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