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Mental health issues come in many forms and many of them under the name Anxiety disorders. One of the mental health issues included in this group are the anxiety attacks, which can be mild, like simple fears, or they can be very serious and cause many problems in the life of an individual. One of the feelings will cause a great deal every day is the fear of leaving the house and this anxiety disorder is called agoraphobia. As you can see, if the problem is big enough, it can cause a phobic state.

Anxiety Attacks

Fear can cause physical attacks and this happens when a person suffers from attack disorder. Fear comes very suddenly and it can be associated with many different things, like death. Also, a person can begin in this situation. A person may feel dizzy or that he or she will pass out, and heart palpitations will probably be present as well. There are numerous triggers of the anxiety attacks they will cause many different kinds of anxiety attacks. Anxiety disorder is not a disorder that causes one or two attacks, but it frequent anxiety attacks. If this is a problem that has been bothering you for some time, you will have to see a doctor as soon as possible.  only be diagnosed by a trained and qualified mental health professional.


This issue can be treated in several ways and one of them is cognitive therapy. There are also options like medications and lifestyle changes. Anxiolytics and antidepressants are given for this kind of problems and they are very successful but can cause certain side effects. Therapy is a crucial part of the successful treatment of anxiety disorders. The attacks are triggered by something and the counselor will help you realize what this is. It can come from the surrounding or the mind itself, and the help you see it and find a way to cope with it. The fear will have to be acknowledged in order to beat it. Support of the loving family and friends is very important in these times, so tell them about your problem and you will benefit from it. People who are prone to anxiety disorders, or have them, may transfer this weakness to their offspring. But this issue does not have to come with the same level severity. So if your grandfather has serious anxiety disorder, you may have a much weaker form, have the same or not have the issue at all. But your lifestyle does not have to be affected by this disorder since there are so many different treatment options available.

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