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There are millions of women all across the United States that suffer from blocked fallopian tubes, which can be a leading cause of infertility. Fallopian tube blockage can be related to a variety of different factors but the most common reasons are infection or injury.

Because the signs and symptoms of blocked fallopian tubes can mimic other pelvic problems, making an accurate diagnosis can be very difficult.

Damaged fallopian tubes symptoms can include the following:

Infertility: a woman could be trying to get pregnant and having difficulty because of blocked tubes. Since a blocked tube can prevent fertilization, a woman with only one tube blocked can still become pregnant, but it increases the risk of an ectopic pregnancy. Mild pelvic pain: block fallopian tubes can cause scar tissue to form, when pressure is placed on the tissue it can lead to mild pelvic pain. The symptoms are not very common but can present with a mild fever, tenderness and nagging pain in the lower abdomen. Severe pelvic pain: women with certain risk factors can experience severe pelvic pain, which is usually related to infection, cancer or endometriosis which could be causing the blockage. Risk factors: women that have a history of fallopian tube scarring, chlamydia and gonorrhea increase the risk of having blocked fallopian tubes and other conditions can also play an important role in the issues. Asymptomatic: many women that have blocked fallopian tubes will have no outward symptoms, which can mean going several years of being undiagnosed with the condition and possible an increase of infertility as a result.

Damaged fallopian tubes symptoms is not something a woman should ever ignore, because it can cause not only short term but also long term health problems and complications. Because some of the reasons behind blocked or damaged fallopian tubes can be addressed in a medical fashion, a woman needs to make sure to consult with her doctor when she suspects it is a problem. Addressing each issue concerning infertility can make a very real difference in whether or not a woman is able to get pregnant. With all of the reasons surrounding female infertility, it is very important that a woman gets regular medical attention and has check-ups to make sure a blocked or damaged fallopian tube is not the underlying reason behind an inability to get pregnant.

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