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The following text will talk about the possible causes of coughing after eating and we will also see how you can eliminate this problem. This forceful and explosive maneuver can occur as a reflex or deliberately, but it always has the purpose of removing foreign materials from the airways. When air passages are irritated we tend to cough, or gastric or nervous disorder may cause coughing as a reflex action. At any point of the day coughing can be experienced and it can occur after drinking and eating as well. This mostly happens when we eat or drink something cold, like ice-cream or juice. But it can be caused by several other reasons as well.Causes

Coughing after eating can happen due to the particle remains from the food eaten earlier, which is now receding in the respiratory tract. This will produce problems with breathing and swallowing and it may cause choking and coughing after a meal. But a reason for coughing after eating can be medical in nature as well. Coughing after eating can be a result of consumption of foods to which you are allergic. Many infections and allergies can be blamed for this type of cough and some of them are infections of the esophagus and larynx, and they may lead to problems with swallowing and even choking. Know that infections and allergies mostly lead to chronic coughing after eating.

The GERD, or the gastro esophageal reflux disease, can be a reason for issues concerning mechanism and functioning of the lower esophageal sphincter. This disease is also called acid reflux disease and it makes the food consumed go the wrong way, thus making us cough. Zinker's diverticulum is another possible medical cause. This condition develops a small-sized pouch in the swallowing passage, leading to coughing after we eat. Heartburn can also cause this cough, which is mostly associated with greasy and spicy foods.


In order to treat this kind of cough, we have to know what has caused it. The treatment will not be required if the choking has caused the cough, which happens rarely. Just eat and swallow slowly and this problem will go away. Visit to the pulmonologist is needed if the problem remains so that the proper cause is found and treated. This problem can be eliminated with the use of several remedies, which can also be used for coughing in general. Do not eat foods that are known to cause allergies, eat right (slowly chew and swallow) and eat healthy. But know that you should always see a doctor if this, or any other problem, occurs.

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