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Osteoporosis involves loss of bone mass, causing their fragility and loss of basic skeleton skills to hold muscles together. This situation can lead to certain complications and increases the risk of occurrence certain medical conditions.
The biggest consequence of osteoporosis is frequent fractures that can happen under the influence of weak shocks that otherwise would not have inflicted significant harm. More than half of the patients suffering from osteoporosis experiences some kind of fracture where hip fracture is the most frequent. 9% of patients die from the consequences of this fracture. Fractures of the wrist and spine occurring in the early stages of osteoporosis, is also causing serious complications such as restricted mobility and severe pain. In order to prevent fractures, it is necessary to consume drugs prescribed by doctors, adjust diet, do the exercises and learn the various techniques for the prevention of falls. These fractures causes pain even when its healed, the pain of hip and vertebral fractures are intense. Loss of bone marrow does not make any physical symptoms that can be felt.
Osteoporosis together with aging causes a lower mobility, which increases the risk of falls, hence the fractures. Often, the patients with osteoporosis who experienced a hip fracture require someone else’s lifelong care. There are those that can move independently, but in rare cases, patients recover fully. Low mobility can also lead to pneumonia, skin ulcers and urinary tract infections.
Patients with osteoporosis are prone to develop depression and anxiety due to the constantly present fear of falling and fractures that may happen in doing everyday activities. This results in withdrawal from society and avoiding certain activities. To overcome these emotional disorders, patients, in addition to using drugs for osteoporosis, should apply some kind of psychotherapy including joining an osteoporosis support group.
Curved spine in women suffering from osteoporosis greatly affects their self-confidence about their looks. With some advices related to wearing, it can easy conceal faults caused by a curved spine such as expanded waist and avoid the dissatisfaction felt by bad appearance. It is advisable to wear loose and wide clothing with shoulder straps and a hood, bright scarves that will turn the focus from poor posture and dresses with empire waists. In addition, shoes should be comfortable, providing good support to the feet.
If patients suffering from osteoporosis have a good knowledge and understanding about their illness, they can facilitate its symptoms, providing a long and safe life.

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