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Giardia, causes and symptoms

Giradiasis is a medical term for the particular type ofintestine infection, which is caused by giardia parasites. People can getinfected either through the water or food which is contaminated by theseparasites, or through the contact with another infected person. The first wayis the most common, since lakes, rivers and streams all over the world areinfected with giardia but it is not excluded that some swimming pools, spasand even water supplies of towns or cities become infected as well.

As far asthe symptoms are concerned, they may not appear at all, but if they do it isusually a week or two after the exposure to the parasite. Generally, loosestools and watery diarrhea, as well as cramps and pain in the abdomen are themost common signs but bloating, nausea, and tiredness may occur as well. Sinceat least six weeks have to pass before this condition improves the loss ofweight is also the sign and the result of this infection.

Treatment of giardiainfection and possible complications

When it comes to giardia infection, it can be diagnosed throughthe laboratory testing of the stools sample. What is interesting about thiscondition is the fact that many people who are infected do not develop anysymptoms at all. They do not have any problems so many of them do not even haveto be aware of the fact that they are infected. In such cases, the treatmentmay not be necessary. However they are still capable of transmitting the parasitesto others which can be dangerous.

In cases where the symptoms appear and causeserious problems, the treatment will consist of antibiotic medicines such asmetronidazole, tinidazole and paromomycin though nitazoxanide may be used inthe cases of children since it comes as a liquid.

As for the complications, giardiasis usually tends to provokethem in infants and children younger than 5. The most common complications are dehydration which is a result of a persistent diarrhea, and malnutrition,which can affect the development of a child, both, mental and physical. It is alsonot uncommon that people infected with giardia parasite will develop lactoseintolerance, and even though it does not have to be permanent, it can be verydifficult to treat it. There is no way to prevent this kind of the infection atleast not with a medicine or a vaccine.

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