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Post-operative recovery issomething every patient thinks about with joy, because when a patient thinksabout this period, he imagines that all of his medical problems will be goneand that, after a short recovery, he will recover to full health. This scenariois very possible, but unfortunately, it is not the only scenario possible. Therecovery period can be very hard on some patients. There are possiblecomplications and emotions a person can experience after the surgery. One ofthese things is the throat problem. Some people complain that their throat isaching, even more than the wound. But they will have to follow certain rulesand be careful during the recovery treatment in order to eliminate the threatof infection. So it is necessary to remember to wash the hands frequently. Butif they don't succeed in preventing the infection, pus will come out from thewound. After the surgery, some problems with urination may occur. Patients mayhave trouble to urinate and this can turn out to be very dangerous. Thisproblem can even become a medical emergency.

What about the nutrition afterthe surgery? Are eating habits important during the recovery period? Of coursethere are. Every patient needs to avoid food which could provoke constipation.Only light food is advised, while heavy and fatty foods need to be removed fromeating habits. Many patients avoid taking baths after the surgery, fearing thatit may harm the wound. Patients can take baths, but only after a certain periodof time, after the surgery. Bowel problems may occur during the post-operativeperiod. The important thing is never to neglect the problem and to treat itimmediately. By avoiding the treatment, you may be risking to have anothersurgery.

The recovery period is not a walkin the park. It can be a very discomforting time for an individual. Lack ofenergy, depression, pain and tiredness are very common during the recoveryperiod. In some cases, patients can experience an increase in blood pressure.Patients may undergo the surgery having normal blood pressure, but during therecovery, they may notice an elevated blood pressure. There are also someextremely serious cases in which a surgery can trigger a different medicalcondition. Although this is very rare, it is not impossible to happen. If youfollow all the stated elements in this text, a recovery time will not bestrange to you.

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