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Childbirth is one of those things that not many people talk about much, unless they have given birth themselves. But when you are pregnant and hoping to prepare for birth as best you can, there are not many tools that can really help you. Friends or relatives who have had children already might tell you that it hurts, but not that bad, and once it is over you forget all about it... or just that birth is something you have to experience to know about. Childbirth education classes might let you in on some technical details of the process, but to what extent will that help you understand what to expect from labor and delivery?

The internet, overall, is a great resource for anyone and everyone, including pregnant mothers. But one of the very best resources the world wide web has to offer is YouTube. Perhaps you will not get the full picture on the weird and wonderful, and sometimes gory, details of giving birth until you actually do it yourself, but the next best thing is watching someone else do it. And where else will you have that option readily available? On YouTube, there are without a doubt hundreds and perhaps thousands of videos of real labors and births. Some have been edited to show only the beautiful details, while others show you the whole thing, uncut.

Whatever type of birth you are likely to have yourself, you will find it on this huge video portal. Hospital births with OBs, hospital births with midwives, cesarean sections, birth center births, or homebirths... every single one of them is around in video format on YouTube, and if you are still in the process of deciding where to give birth, watching what different options are like in practice can be tremendously helpful. Watching a couple of those will definitely tell you more about the sensations and emotions laboring women experience, and will teach you what to really expect at your birth (as well as, perhaps, what you want to avoid). I did watch quite a few birth videos when I was expecting, and I found them extremely informative. They can be great way to get your partner involved in your pregnancy and birth preparations too, or other support people who will be at your labor and birth.

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