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For a woman dealing with impaired fertility having one ovary could pose a problem when it comes to conceiving. Having only one ovary could make it very hard for a woman to become pregnant, but it is not entirely impossible. As long as the one ovary is healthy and functioning normally, a healthy conception and pregnancy can take place and a woman can go on to have a baby. Trying to become pregnant with a single ovary can be frustrating and it is a good idea to have a reproductive endocrinologist in order to detect any abnormalities or problems with the menstrual cycle.

The first thing to do when trying to get pregnant with one ovary is to visit a medical reproductive endocrinologist. When visiting with a reproductive endocrinologist the woman should get tested and have blood work done to ensure her chances of getting pregnant with one ovary are good. If baseline hormone levels are good and the ovary is functioning, there is a very good chance pregnancy can happen. Many times when a woman has only one ovary it is a good idea to track basal body temperature and chart ovulation to determine the most fertile days of the month. Once the patterns are discovered a woman can plan to have timed sexual intercourse during peak days and increase the chances of pregnancy.

A woman can purchase an ovulation predictor kit which will detect the spike in luteinizing hormones which will happen approximately 24-48 hours before ovulation. Monitoring basal body temperature and being aware of what fertile cervical mucus looks like can also help determine the best time to conceive. Sexual intercourse should ideally take place within the time frame when a woman s body is the most fertile and even with one ovary, an egg can still be released and be fertilized by sperm. The chances of getting pregnant with one ovary present a challenge for some women, but it does not have to be a reason to give up. It is not impossible for a woman with one ovary to get pregnant, but to get the best results she should consult with a medical professional, be aware of her body's fertile signals and do whatever is necessary to increase her chances of getting pregnant.

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