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Cetyl Myristoleate is an acid which is commonly used for treating joint inflammation and similar health issues. However, many individuals consider Cetyl Myristoleate to be insufficiently effective for these purposes, or, even not effective at all. Yet, other people did research on this medicine and found out some remarkable pieces of information, most of these being in favor of Cetyl Myristoleate.

Facts about Cetyl Myristoleate

Some people claim that Cetyl Myristoleate is an immune modulator. This deduction stems from practical information since many patients have shown excellent results once they were treated with this medication. Basically, Cetyl Myristoleate does more than merely lubricating one's joints. In some cases, it has even managed to reduce or remove inflammation affecting these parts of our body, possibly by correcting a person's immune system. Yet, many minds beg to differ on these statements. Therefore, this wonderful effect of Cetyl Myristoleate remains yet to be proven.

Miracle or Not?

Contrary to claims of many, Cetyl Myristoleate is not a cure for arthritis. Moreover, claiming something like this can be punishable by law, especially if you make people use this medication for treating arthritis.

Companies which guarantee a full treatment of your condition through a 20 day protocol are usually those which charge great prices for Cetyl Myristoleate. Therefore, the supposedly healing property is more of a commercial business ploy. In fact, many doctors disagree with this claim saying that, in order to truly benefit from Cetyl Myristoleate, you need to use it for a longer period of time. Namely, you can feel some results after two weeks. Nevertheless, once you stop using this medication, you are bound to have your symptoms back in no time. All in all, regular treatment is necessary for a long-term positive effect. Rest assured that this treatment will not make you younger, since some companies dare to guarantee this too. Cetyl Myristoleate will not regenerate your cartilage either, so do not believe such statements.

Another false claim is that Cetyl Myristoleate is successful in 97% of cases. Scientific data gives us different information, reducing the numbers to about 70%. Additionally, we need to bear in mind that about 100 types of arthritis do not respond to any treatment whatsoever.

There are claims saying that Cetyl Myristoleate needs to be taken with digestive enzymes at all times. Again, this is false. You are only advised to take these enzymes if you feel stomach pain after consuming this medication.

Finally, Cetyl Myristoleate can treat your arthritis. Nevertheless, do not expect miracles, but know that some relief may be felt. Thus, do not pay too much money for this medication and do not expect divine effects. Stay realistic and use Cetyl Myristoleate sensibly.

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