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About Celiac Disease?

Celiac disease is a disorder of digestive tract, or moreprecisely of small intestine. It is an autoimmune disease, which occursregardless of age or sex, and many of those who have it are actually genetically predisposed to this condition. It results in the inflammation ofthe small intestine and its inability to absorb certain nutrients due to thedamage of its surface and this damage is caused by the consumption of foodthat contains the protein gluten. Gluten can be found in wheat and the majorityof the food made from grains such as cereals, pasta, cakes, crackers, gravies,etc. This inability to absorb certain nutrients will result in the deficiency ofvitamins that are of vital importance for proper functioning of the brain,nervous system, bones and several organs in the body which may result in manydiseases and problems in long term.

What are the possibleoptions for the treatment, and is there a cure?

Unfortunately, the cure for this disease still does not exist.There are some experimental treatments, but none of them has been approved officially,so there is no use of relying on any of them. The only method of the treatment whichis available for now, and which is of help in coping with the symptoms and in healing of the intestines is actually the change in the diet but the changewhich will completely exclude gluten from the list of the foods that can beconsumed.

The help of the nutritionists and dietitians is strongly advised,firstly in order to introduce the patient with all kinds of foods which containgluten, to educate them on which foods are safe for consumption and which aren't to make a well-balanced diet without this very important protein. The imbalanceof minerals and vitamins can be corrected with the use of mineral and vitaminsupplements.

The change of diet gives results very quickly; it does nottake more than a few days for the patient to feel better even though the smallintestine will heal in a few months, or in a few years, depending on the ageof the patient. Since gluten can be found in food additives and even some medicationsor lipstick it is very important to be well informed in the first place tocarefully read the labels on the products in order to avoid any contact with thissubstance so harmful in cases of celiac disease.

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