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Juvenile delinquency is certainly not athing to be neglected. The fact that there are more and more cases ofit every year makes one wonders what may be causing it and can it bestopped. Many different causes may stand behind it, mostly connectedwith modern lifestyles. Namely, with a large number of divorcedparents and parents working throughout the day, children are left tothemselves most of the time. Besides school, they educate themselvesthrough mass media on the TV or the Internet. The violence and thetwisted system of values mostly being the major theme of blockbustermovies, books, and even modern music offer numerous wrong ideas forchildren to look up to.

Reasons Behind Juvenile Delinquency

As mentioned above, one can perceivemany possible causes of aggressive behavior in concerning children.From a wider point of view, children have generally become moreindependent. However, they are not in this situation by their ownchoice. Rather, they may be supported by a single parent workingdouble shifts in order to provide for them. This leaves childrenalone most of the time, learning about the world through popular TVprogram. Even with both parents at home, they still may have to worklonger than they are supposed to, which is an often case, leading tothe same outcome. Since most of the things selling in the mass mediaworld are connected with violence and the worst in humanity, childrenare offered a large specter of bloody scenes, massacres as well aseducation in criminal and mischievous ways. With no parents to tellthem right from wrong, children learn that the only way to progress inthe world is by using force, stealing, lying and criminal actions ingeneral as one's tools. Video games mostly deal with killing anddestruction adding onto this malevolent way of education.

This modern lifestyle gives birth tochildren which independently choose their ways of life and conduct,ofter rejecting some traditional moral-based codes. Through suchrevolutionary behavior children often strand into violence and mayeventually even become adult criminals.

Possible Solutions

Basically, all the above causes need tobe set straight. Schools should focus more on presenting a cleardistinction between right and wrong to children. They need to know,from the very early age, what is good and what is bad behavior. Also,morale and conscience need to be restored in the minds of the peoplein general, let alone children. Entertainment and media should workon education more, rather than focusing on earning money by sellingviolence. Parents need to spend more time in communicating with theirchildren, helping them solve their problems and answering theirquestions about the world, leading them towards the right ways oflife and conduct. Finally, all the technological revolutions andadvancements we have been exposed to have set us apart from eachother. People rarely communicate face to face and physical contacthas decreased seriously. People should spend more time together andtalk instead of sending emails, being people instead of machines.

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