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This text will talk about the problem called the tremor and the causes of this problem. Tremor is an involuntary movement, or in other words, shaking of some of the body parts. There are several types of tremor, and one of them is the essential tremor, which can be found mostly among old people. This problem can be detected when the patient reaches for something or tries to write, and it is not a consequence of some other problem, but a problem commonly caused by the lack of hand use.

As we have stated, tremors usually occur among older people, but they can happen to any age group. They are quite normal, but shaking must be treated, since there are some medical problems that can cause them, such as stress, rage, fatigue, or anxiety. Spasms of the muscles can be avoided if the use of key operating pressure is selected. Displayed and audible key feedback will help with the avoiding of the discomforting repeats. Also, speech-input key is important is avoidance.

Causes of hand tremors

Now we will move on the causes of these tremors. There are several possible causes, and the factors form the environment should be mentioned first. There are certain pesticides and herbicides that can cause tremors and Parkinson's disease, but the specific type of the pesticide is yet unknown. When the hormones are relieved for a long or short time, conditions called thyrotoxicosis and hyperthyroidism occur, and they can cause the tremor. Causes can also be caffeine, stress and lack of sleep. For tremors caused by these activities you can try breathing exercises, deep relaxation or meditation. There is the possibility of tremors caused by mutation of genes that are transmitted dominantly. We have mentioned essential tremor, but the exact cause for this tremor is yet unknown, though the specialists suspects that the cerebellum, which is one part of the brain, causes this problem. This part of the brain is responsible for the movement of muscles.

Symptoms of hand tremors

There are several problems experienced during tremors. The first symptom is the stiffness of the muscles, which can last short or long, but it usually occurs in the neck and limb area. If the patient eliminates alcohol, after 48 hours, symptoms may decrease. The most common symptoms include cold sweat, appetite loss, restlessness, rapid pulse, headaches, vomiting, anxiety, insomnia and auditory hallucinations. Causes for tremors such as medications, alcohol withdrawal and overuse of tobacco and caffeine are under the study now. We will soon know if they cause tremors. There is also the possibility that tremor is caused by physical state of the body, but such tremor is very mild and sometimes it cannot even be seen.

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