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Tremors are involuntary, shaking movements which happen repeatedly during certain actions like movement or carrying weight. Most commonly, head, voice or hands are affected by tremors. Some kinds of benign tremors, like the essential tremor, run in families and can be removed or controlled through medications or, in some cases, brain surgery.

Potential Causes of Tremors

Sometimes, tremors can be triggered by certain diseases or states of affairs affecting the nervous system. These are Parkinson's disease, liver failure, excessive alcohol consumption, mercury or arsenic poisoning and lithium or antidepressant side-effects.

Thus, as soon as you notice tremors which seem to be reappearing, observe them and analyze their onset. If the occurrence becomes too frequent or it starts getting worse, seek medical assistance. Your doctor will find the exact cause behind the problem and treat it, helping you get rid of tremors once and for all.

Facts about Benign Essential Tremor

First of all, know that this is not the only name for these tremors. Thus, get informed about all the synonyms and alternative names, recognizing this condition through different terminology as well.

Tremors usually take place on a certain body area, taking place from time to time. Yet, in some cases, they may advance onto other parts of the body such as the head, voice, tongue, the palate, legs or the trunk.

In some people, tremors appear when they resist the force of gravity, taking certain positions which result in tremors, usually due to straining of the muscles. Also, tremors may appear during certain actions such as carrying drinks or other such things. When this disease advances, it can affect the sufferer even during resting.

Tremors may appear during childhood. Yet, they are usually noticed in adulthood, mostly in cases where the patient is older than 45. Being prone to evolving, a simple tremor, such as a hand tremor, can escalate gradually into inability to handle certain objects, drink something from a glass, put the clothes on, eat or write.

Some experts claim that the cause of this problem may be hiding in the genetics of the affected people and that certain chromosomes may be responsible for the onset of tremors. Nevertheless, as it was mentioned above, numerous diseases and health condition may include tremors as well. Thus, it is crucial for anyone who notices tremors to seek medical assistance. When neglected, the situation can get much worse. Therefore, react timely and get rid of benign essential tremors as soon as possible.

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