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General about trembling

Most frequently, trembling is described as unconscious shaking leading to nervousness and anxiety. A lot of people get afraid when something like that appears, and there are various causes for trembling, starting from fear or cold and leading to damage of central nervous system. There are some medications whose side effects can be trembling, and due to that, healthy people can experience it. For example, the medications such as Haldol, which is used in the treatment of physical disorders cause trebling. It appears in people who are in their middle age and in elderly ones.

Causes of trembling

The use of drugs and alcohol can lead to trembling hands. It can even begin from apparently harmless substances that we consume every day, like coffee or soda. Some medications that are being used in the treatment of respiratory diseases and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease have side effects such as trembling. Also a persons who has ceased to drink alcohol can experience trembling and it has been medically proven by a doctor P. Charles M.D. According to Dr. Charles, the name for another cause of trembling hands is essential tremor and it is presented in a position of arm and hand that is positioned opposite the gravity force. It occurs when you do something that requests stillness in your hands, like when you sew or shave yourself. Essential tremor can be inherited, thus giving 50% of chances for offspring to have it provided one of the parents has it.

Diseases of central nervous system are also among the biggest causes for trembling hands. Namely, one of the symptoms for Parkinson`s disease is trembling hands, but multiple sclerosis, stroke and Alzheimer`s disease can also cause your hands to tremble. Other causes of trembling hands include experiencing of strong emotions like fear, anxiety and anger. Asterixis is a kind of trembling that is caused by a kidney or liver failure. Activity in the brain that leads to having seizures or an epilepsy can cause trembling hands also, but people who have low blood pressure have trembling hands as well. Myoclonus is a condition that is manifested by a sudden quick movement, and is usually a symptom of Alzheimer's disease or some other neurological disorder. People who have tumor, usually in the brain, have a risk of having that kind of tremor. However, in some cases there is no apparent reason for trembling hands, but if it occurs more than several times, it would be good to visit a doctor.

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