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Double vision, medically known as diplopia, is a sign which manifests through seeing two images when there is actually one present. These images may stand next to each other, or be above or below. Also, a mixture of these two types of double vision may be present. Either way, this health issue should not be ignored. It can mean nothing serious, but it can also be a sign of an underlying vision health problems such as cataract. Thus, you need to seek medical opinion as soon as your experience double vision. Once your doctor takes a look at your condition he/she may recommend you to wear glasses or to undergo a surgery.

Reasons behind Double Vision

Our eyes are located in different positions in our head. Therefore, they need to create different images which, when combined, give us what we usually see. Our brain controls the muscle motions of the eyes, making the two images received as a single one. However, if you suffer from some kind of a nerve or muscle damage in the eyes, the brain may not be capable of performing the necessary motions and getting the image it needs. Then, you may suffer from double vision. Both misalignment and an underlying health problem may affect the eyes, once double vision symptoms start appearing.

Types of Double Vision

If double vision affects only a single eye, the condition is referred to as monocular double vision. Here, if you cover the dysfunctional eye, your vision on the other eye remains correct.

On the other hand, you might suffer from double vision affecting both eyes. This condition is named binocular double vision and takes place due to a dysfunction affecting both of the eyes at the same time. Also, in this situation, covering one eye commonly results in the disappearance of the vision impairment.

Additionally, some people, mostly children, complain about objects in the visible background appearing blurred or doubled. If this is the case, the condition is called physiological double vision.

Double Vision Treatment

Monocular double vision is mostly triggered by some underlying health problems. Thus, for any kind of treatment, the causes need to be identified. If astigmatism is behind double vision, corrective lenses or laser surgery may deal with it. On the other hand, cataract need to be physically removed through keyhole surgery.

Also, binocular double vision may be treated by wearing glasses, performing eye exercises, fixin prisms on the glasses, wearing an eye patch or an opaque contact lens, receiving injections in the eye or having a surgery performed on the eye muscles.

The botulinum toxin injections may lead to certain side-effects, even though they might be an effective treatment for double vision.

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