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Information on Visual Impairment

Visual system may be affected by numerous different diseases, defects, problems, infections, disorders and malformations. Visual impairment is just one of the numerous different medical conditions and it can be caused by other underlying medical conditions.

Causes of Visual Impairment

One of the most common causes of visual impairment is a cataract. Cataracts are a clouding of the eye lenses and they can be caused by trauma, certain types of diseases or they can be congenital. They need to be as early as the medical factors allow it. Cortical visual impairment is a medical condition characterized by a visual reduction caused by problems in the brain cortex. Glaucoma is another medical condition that can be a potential cause of visual impairment.

It is characterized by by abnormal fluid production/drainage rate which causes intraocular pressure. In most cases, it needs to be treated by a surgical procedure. There are also numerous different types of infections that may affect the eyes and cause visual impairment among the variety of many other symptoms. Conjunctiva and certain other systemic infections are the most common ones to occur. Numerous different malformations can also lead to an impaired vision.

The most common malformations may include clefts in the iris, syndrome related abnormalities and dislocated lens. Numerous different problems that may affect the ocular muscles can also lead to conditions which may involve visual impairment. The most common problem is called strabismus and it involves misalignment of the eyes. Involuntary eye movements are medically referred to as nystagmus and they can also be associated with visual impairment in some cases.

Different types of ocular traumas can also be held responsible for the impaired vision in some patients. Most common ones include condition in which the eyeball gets lacerated, hit or punctured. These conditions usually require immediate medical attention. Numerous different defects of the optic nerve may also occur and some of them may be the cause of visual impairment in some cases.

The most common defect is called optic atrophy and it involves improper functioning of the optic nerve. Some rare cases involve septo-optic dysplasia which is the extreme form of the optic nerve hypoplasia. The common refractive errors such as astigmatism, farsightedness and nearsightedness can also be possible causes of visual impairment.

Another medical condition that may be associated with visual impairment is called retinoblastoma. It is characterized by a tumor which is located behind the eye and it can be very dangerous, even fatal in some cases. Other causes of visual impairment may include retinopathy of prematurity and certain other syndrome related visual dysfunctions and ocular abnormalities.

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