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Seeing Double Through a Single Eye

Double vision is known to be quite acomplicated ocular problem manifesting through our brain's inabilityto focus the image it perceives from our eyes and match theinformation received from the two eyes separately. In return, peoplesee double having a badly matched image of whatever they are lookingat. However, this problem, called diplopia, can affect a single eyedue to some abnormalities in its functioning. The reasons can bemany. Nevertheless, the effect is usually the misaligned image onesees on a single eye. This, of course has a negative effect on aperson's vision making one incapable of seeing things sharply.Commonly, this can be experienced due to fatigue or excessive alcoholindulgence. Still, these are quite treatable since the only thing aperson needs to do in these situations is to have a proper rest.Yet, there are cases when other things are behind monocular diplopia,needing this problem to be looked further into.

Possible Reasons behind Double Visionthrough a Single Eye

Astigmatism is one of several possibleconditions resulting in this vision impairment. Here, one's eye isincapable of seeing things correctly due to lens, eye optics orcornea problems. This is a serious problem and it can have more thana single manifestation. If the vision is cloudy more than misaligned,the possible reason for it may be cataract, again, affecting the lensof our eye.

Cornea disorders can be an additionalcause of monocular diplopia. Here, our cornea is incapable of dealingwith light correctly, causing vision problems. One can experiencethis after a laser eye surgery. Also, cornea can become thinner andthinner in time, leading to its deterioration in time. Finally, ourcornea can be affected by a pinkish, triangular growth on itssurface, affecting our vision negatively. This is a condition calledPterygium.

There are cases where a weak eye musclecan result in blurred or misaligned vision on one eye. Grave'sdisease can be behind this phenomenon. Moreover, diabetes, GullainBarre syndrome or multiple sclerosis can all cause nerve damage inthe eyes, potentially being the cause of double vision in a singleeye. Finally, brain tumors, aneurysms and other terminal or seriousdiseases belong to this list as well, as the worst case scenarios.

Since surgery is usually needed fortreating this problem, one needs to seek medical assistance as soonas the double vision remains present for more than 24 hours. Thesooner you deal with it the greater are the chances that your visioncan be restored.

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