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Cataract is a clouding of the eye lens of your eye. The signs of cataract include clouded vision, blurred vision, sensitivity to light, double vision in one eye, changes in seeing colors, worsening of the vision during the night, and seeing light circles around things. Cataract can affect different parts of the lenses. It can affect the center, the edges or the back of the lens. Another type of cataract is congenital cataract.


The most common cause of cataract is aging. The normal lens is flexible and transparent, but with as you get older your lens can become thicker and less flexible. Another cause of cataract is a genetic disorder. In this case the symptoms of cataract can appear in the childhood. An injury or a trauma of the lens can also be the cause of cataract. Certain conditions or an inflammation of the eye can cause cataract as well.

Risk Factors

Some of the risk factors of cataract include having diabetes, excessive alcohol consumption, too much exposure to sunlight, high blood pressure, being overweight, smoking and exposure to radiation. If there were cases of cataract in your family, you may be at greater risk of getting it. Also, an injury or an infection of the eye may increase the risk of cataract. Another risk factor is the use of steroids. It is important to know that these factors just increase the risk of developing cataract, it does not necessarily mean that a person who has one or more these risk factors will actually develop cataract.


The symptoms of cataract usually develop slowly, so at the early stages a person can wear glasses or contact lenses. However, the best treatment option is a surgery. The surgery includes the removal of the damaged lens with the artificial one. The surgery is considered to be a safe procedure, especially because first only one eye is treated and after a couple of weeks the other.


The best prevention of cataract is to reduce the risk factors as much as possible. You should have your eyes checked on a regular basis because it is easier to cataract in the early stages. It is recommended to wear sunglasses in order to reduce UVB rays. You should also quit smoking. If you are overweight try to lose weight and maintain your weight normal. It is important to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables because they contain antioxidants which are necessary for healthy eyes.

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