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Even though people feel tired from time to time, and the reasons for that may be different, the fact is that in the majority of the cases, it is not at all a reason for concern. However, when this feeling is present so often that people are practically ran down and cannot function normally at work or at home, then this is certainly a reason good enough to visit a doctor, because the person in question is very likely to suffer from a condition known as chronic fatigue syndrome.

What is chronic fatigue syndrome and why does it occur?

The condition in question is a very complex disorder that should be taken very seriously, because even though so far it is practically impossible to determine the underlying cause of it, the fact is that people who suffer from it cannot feel better after resting, which is what helps with general fatigue. Besides these major symptoms, other problems that are present are pain in the muscles and joints that cannot be explained, pain in the neck or armpits because of the lymph nodes that might be slightly enlarged, and problems with concentration or memory. The accompanying symptoms may resemble those of the flu, but problems with vision, weight, as well as those that are psychological in nature are also possible.

As it has already been mentioned, the cause is practically impossible to identify, but it is possible that depression, low blood levels of sugar, low blood pressure and immune system dysfunction may have something to do with it. A number of other conditions may also be related with it, but the fact is that the researches are yet to be performed on it.

How to deal with chronic fatigue syndrome?

When it comes to the treatment of this condition, the fact is that the doctors usually try to deal with the symptoms, since there is no cure in a form of medication that might help the person in question to get rid of it as soon as possible. This is why the patient is encouraged to slow down with physical activity and psychological stress, to begin with a particular exercising program, while other symptoms such as pain, depression, blood pressure, problems with sleeping and similar, may be treated much easier and even with the help of medications. There are a number of experimental therapies, which is why it might be a good idea to talk to the doctor about them.

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