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When a woman has just gotten done having sex and experiences vaginal bleeding, it can be a very frightening occurrence. Post intercourse bleeding can be due to many different reasons and it is something which woman should not treat lightly or dismiss. The following is a list of causes of vaginal bleeding after sex:

Cervical dysplasia: which are precancerous changes to the epithelial cells of the cervix. Treatment usually includes cryosurgery or other methods and will depend upon the severity of the dysplasia. Fibroid tumors: usually benign and are solid masses found inside or outside of the uterus. Symptoms of fibroids will vary from woman to woman and some will experience none at all. Uterine polyps: happens when the endometrium grows over into the uterus. Women with uterine polyps will experience vaginal bleeding between periods and sometimes after sexual intercourse. Gonorrhea: a sexually transmitted infection caused by a bacteria, requires medical treatment in order to avoid complications or infertility. Vaginitis: an inflammation and infection of the vagina which can result in uterine bleeding after intercourse or between periods. Cervical polyps: smooth, red or purple colored growths of the mucus layer of the cervix or cervical canal. The growths are very delicate and extend out of the cervix and as a result can cause uncomfortable sexual intercourse and post coital bleeding. Trichomoniasis: a sexually transmitted disease caused by protozoa which can be passed to an infant during delivery. The condition can cause vaginitis and bleeding after sexual intercourse. Vaginal yeast infection: an overgrowth of vaginal microflora which inhabits the vagina and causes burning, itching, and an odorless discharge. Endometriosis: an inflammation of the endometrial layer of the vagina and can affect up to 75% of women. The disease can cause bleeding between periods, painful intercourse, spotting or bleeding after sex.

Anytime a woman experiences bleeding after sexual intercourse it is cause for concern, especially when considering all of the underlying reasons behind what could be causing the problem. Causes of vaginal bleeding after sex, is something that a woman needs to have examined by a qualified medical professional in order to better understand. By seeking medical attention and following the advice of a physician a woman can discover and correct the problem and improve her health and quality of life.

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