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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is an inflammation of the pelvic organs caused by bacteria. The most common causes of PID are chlamydia and gonorrhea, but you don't need to have a sexually transmitted disease to have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. It can be the result of normal bacteria traveling up to the uterus and beyond. Vaginal douching and having an intrauterine device placed both increase the risk of PID, for instance. Can you conceive naturally after Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease can do a lot of harm, especially if you have had repeated episodes or if your PID was left untreated for a while. Among the complications of PID are chronic pelvic pain (due to scarring and abscesses), an increased risk of ectopic pregnancy, and yes... infertility. A woman's risk of becoming infertile following Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is greatest if she was not aware she had it for a long time, or if she delayed seeking treatment even after symptoms started. Often, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease will have no symptoms for a long time, and regular OBGYN checkups will find PID. By the time symptoms, like pain, irregular bleeding, and nausea started, the chances are that Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is already more developed.

Women who had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease more than once also have a greater likelihood of infertility. If you have had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease yourself, only your doctor can answer your questions about your fertility, and whether you can conceive naturally after PID. The extent of damage done by Pelvic Inflammatory Disease can be determined through ultrasound and laparoscopy. Sometimes, there will be hardly any damage, but according to some estimates, 100,000 women become infertile due to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease each year in the United States alone! If you are not sure whether you could have Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or a sexually transmitted disease, see your doctor right away even if you have nil symptoms, but especially if you do!

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