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Pelvic Inflammatory Disease is a bacterial infection of the pelvic region. It can affect all the reproductive organs, sometimes leaving scarring, chronic pain, and infertility in its wake. PID is often caused by the sexually transmitted diseases chlamydia and gonorrhea. It can also be the result of the placement of an intrauterine device, or happen during childbirth.

What is the treatment for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease?

Like the root cause of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, PID itself is also treated with a course of heavy antibiotics. In the early stages, the infection will be cured by those antibiotics without leaving any permanent damage. The problem with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and the bacteria that cause it is that there are often no clear symptoms, so PID may not be detected until damage (causing pain) is already done. PID can be diagnosed through a physical examination in combination with endometrial biopsy, trans vaginal ultrasound, or a laparoscopy.

Professional organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) note that treatment of PID must always be able to treat the main causes of it too, namely chlamydia and gonorrhea. This is because these organisms can be present even where tests turned up negative, and be present in the upper parts of the reproductive system. Women who are pregnant or think they could be pregnant should tell their doctor immediately, since a different range of antibiotics will be available to them.

In some cases, surgical treatment to correct abscesses and other problems caused by Pelvic Inflammatory Disease are also necessary. Because PID is a condition that is often silent, it is a good idea to be checked for the bacteria that can cause it annually, and to be tested for sexually transmittable diseases in particular. STD testing is a wise idea for anyone, whatever their marital or relationship status! Damage can very often be prevented by a simple course of antibiotics, if only a woman knows that she suffers from PID or the conditions that cause it.

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