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This article is dedicated to those who want to reduce that extra few pounds fast. This cheap program will help you reduce 9 lbs in 11 days and it involves a diet that is not too demanding. Also, you can use the online fat loss generator and avoid calculating the calories number yourself.


One of the most widespread beliefs is that starvation diet will make the size of the pants smaller, but this is absolutely not true. This can even impair your health, since your body is not receiving the necessary items, such as fats, and if you do not consume fats, catalyst-acting enzymes will not be formed. In this way, the formation of the nutrition blocks is impaired. We have mentioned the calories generator, which is one of the most popular programs. You will be surprised to hear that this program involves 4 meals during the day. As you can read, this is not a strict diet at all. If you use low carb diets, you must be very careful, because they can lead to the weakening of the immune system or opportunistic infection. Because of this, we think it is best to avoid them.

One of the problems that can happen is the weight loss duration. Just 5% produce little fat, while 95% do not lose weight permanently. A little trick that makes those 5% successful and this little trick is named metabolism rate. Metabolism knows how much hormones are needed for the implementation of metabolic rate and food's caloric content. When we eat, our body stores fat for later use, which is why we have to make our body use the fat and calories from food. When this happens, the body should move on to the stored fat and use them. The problem occurs when you take, for example, 3000 calories during one day. If you are on a strict diet, you will take approximately 1500 calories during one day. Metabolic rate will see this and breaking of those 1500 calories will follow. When fat is not burned by the cells, weight is not decreased.

If you want to reduce fat and your waistline, try the program we have given. It will help you in making metabolism work for you, while your weight will be reduced in a healthy and natural way. The generator will give you food that will provide your body with the needed daily calories. If you lose weight constantly but steady, you can reach your goal. Do not be afraid of the food. It will only help you in your quest.

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