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Autism and Diagnosing

Autism is a disease that is sometimes hard to diagnose and this mostlyconcerns children. Autism causes symptoms that are usually mild and they canbe left undetected for a long period of time. But since this fact is known todoctors today, autism can be detected by searching certain group of behaviors.Such are inability to conduct a conversation with other people, problems withlanguage, obsession with items, subjects and interest areas, need for certainpatterns and routines and troubles with social interaction. Autism has certain characteristics that are usually first noticed by the parentsof a child suffering from autism, and this is something pediatrician will have to rely on during the consultation. Since this disorder is hard to diagnose, theparent's observations will have to be noted and there may be a need for othermedical workers such as speech therapists, neurologists and psychologists, whowill help with diagnose. All of these factors are included in the deepassessment of the patient.


Several genes are suspected as possible causes for autism, but no exact cause ofthe disorder is found. Also, the growth interruption can be caused during thebrain development of the fetus. But none of this has been confirmed since no evidenceis available. Also, it is important to say that parents cannot take the blamefor their children's conditions, since there is no evidence that parents canaffect and in some way aid the development of autism. But this is how parentsusually feel.As we have mentioned earlier, the exact cause is still unknown but there are somepossible causes. Also, there are facts that should be known by everyone.Autism in on the third place when the most common mental disabilities are concerned,right after the mental retardation and cerebral palsy. Autism is more common thanmultiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis and childhood cancer. In America there are400 000 persons suffering from autism, which is more common among males, sincethere is one female on five males suffering from this disorder, which usuallyappears before the third birthday.

There is no curebut there are many treatments available, and they include experimental diets,mineral and vitamin supplements, behavioral therapy and medical interventions.Know that these treatments have produced improvement in some cases. Surroundingsdo not have a part in development of this disorder and people with autism, bothadults and children; go through a normal life span. More facts associated with autism are gathered constantly by groups likeAutism Speaks, Autism Collaborations, National Institute of NeurologicalDisorders and Autism Society of America, which perform many treatment,diagnosis and research on autism.

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