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Impaired development, weakened language, hampered social skills and other problems are associated with the neural disability called autism. This disability can be detected in the childhood, during the initial several years and it causes damage to many parts of the brain. The issue in question will stay in the period of adulthood impairing the imaginative and creative play, social interaction and nonverbal and verbal communication, which are the three most important development areas. Autistic children will benefit from the sign language, which is a communication mode for autistic children. It involves facial expression, arms, hands - the whole body, and uses it to express something and communicate. The following text will focus on the benefits of this language.

Why Do We Teach Sign Language?

Autistic children learn this language due to several reasons. Sign language will help autistic children to realize the connection of the mastered signs and the spoken words. This language will help the child to be more social aware and present. Children with autism will also be able to make meaningful associations and to express emotions and feelings. Sign language will help the child make meaningful patterns. There are many benefits associated with this language and one of them is the ability to state the desires and needs, decreasing the tantrums as well, which is very important.


Now we will see the benefits associated with the sign language. Language and speech gap will be reduced and the inactive parts of the brain will be activated due to the sign language. Learning of the new gestures will be easier for the child. Aggression, self-injury, anxiety and tantrums are some of the negative social behaviors that autistic children express and one of the reasons for these behavior patterns is the inability to state the desires and needs. Communication will be made possible with the sign language and the non-social behavior will be decreased. Social interaction is based on the receptive and expressive language skills and by making autistic children able to connect meaning and gestures, we can improve their social interaction. Also, cognitive structures will be developed and the connections will be made in the brain, which will promote language and speech, thus enabling communication and learning.


Autistic children have an attention deficit disorder and due to the fact that focus is needed in order to learn the sign language, it may be more harmful than productive. Also, the child may become isolated because other people may not know this language.

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