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Despite the fact that the numerous companies which are into producing creams that fight off wrinkles havefor quite some time been palming off standard skin care cremes regarding themas more than useless, newly discovered data has shown something ratherdifferent. What has also been found out is that such ordinary skin creams, i.e.their ingredients can be quite beneficial when it comes to regenerating theskin located on the neck area, as well to rejuvenating it significantly.

Unpleasant truths

One thing is for sure,once people go past the fifty-years-of-age mark, the neck does not only lose on itslooks, but also elasticity and shape accordingly. Also there is quite a lot ofcases in which the person’s neck gained in weight, a couple of kilos or hasbecome noticeably saggy. All this is, of course, accompanied by the occurrence ofcreases. And even though numerous manufacturers of anti-aging creams have been effortlesslyattempting to discover the one product that would have a beneficial effect onthe neck as well, only in the recent day have they come into the possession ofthose most effective ingredients that could solve this awkward problem.

Namely, in order to regeneratethe skin on the neck, and also to rejuvenate it, what is essential is the flawlessmixture of moisturising substances, agents that enable the skin to become firmagain, lifting agents, substances that decrease the number of wrinkles, andlast but not the least, stimulators that have the ability to regenerate cells.When it comes to the agents preventing the formation of the wrinkles, they mustbe not only strong, but also quite efficient so they could reach the lowest levelsof the person’s skin. Considered to be the best among the best are the copperpeptides (Matrixyl to be more precise). Step two is to endow a creme with thebest of skin lifting agents. In this regard, the top of the list is reservedfor Sesaflash, given the fact that it has the ability to give instantaneous andlong lasting lifting effects. Additionally, moisturizing needs to be kept in thestate of equilibrium. And as the most effective considered are the hyaluronicacid and shea butter. Lastly, the super cream should be able to bring forth theregeneration of the person’s skin as quickly as possible, and the best way forthis to happen is by adding stem cells to the cream itself. Though severely criticizedin the beginning, later on they have been discovered to hold great not onlyanti-wrinkle, but also anti-aging potentials.

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