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There are a lot of sources of pleasure out there but for a lot of people sex is the best one. However, even though it can bring a lot of pleasure, sex can also be the cause of heartbreak among people. Sigmund Freud thought that every psychological problem that a person can suffer from is brought up because of that person’s maladjusted attitudes towards sex. Even though he was not entirely right in his claims, a lot of people were able to treat their sexual problems via psychoanalysis. Certain scientists claim that humans are the only animal on the planet with sexual dysfunction.

Premature ejaculation

Every doctor will agree that premature ejaculation is the problem that most patients complain about. Out of all the sexual dysfunction problems this is the most common. A person who suffers from premature ejaculation should first make sure that it does not occur due to some physical problem. There is a physical check-up a person can get done. People who suffer from this disorder need not worry that much because even if it does not occur because of some physical problem, there is still hope that it can be cured. When suffering from this disorder, it is important that a person confronts his attitudes towards sex, his fears of impotency and overall pressure. For some people, sex is not seen as a fun activity but rather as a chore. In order to treat the problem, a person needs to get rid of fear of impotency and premature ejaculation. A delay technique exists which a person will need to learn.

Hypoactive sexual disorder

Not only men but women as well can suffer from hypoactive sexual disorder. Just like premature ejaculation, this sexual disorder occurs quite a lot. In case of hypoactive sexual disorder a person simply has no interest in sex. A physical problem can also be the cause of this disorder and a person should rule that out first. For instance, severe depression is one of the common causes of this disorder. If depression is not the cause a person will need to see a therapist in order to get rid of the problem. A lot of people over the age of 21 have problems with sexual desire. However, teenagers should not be suffering from this disorder but that happens as well.

Gender identity disorder

Even though this disorder is quite a vague sexual dysfunction, some people believe that they are of the wrong sex. Such a person can end up hating the entire gender.

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