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Obesity is the certainly one of the diseases of the modern time. Once a person suffers from it, it can be fairly difficult to get rid of it for good. For certain people, just like it is the case with some other diseases chronic in nature (such as high blood pressure and diabetes), certain prescribed medications can solve the problem. Unfortunately, that is not the case with all the people suffering from such conditions. Another downfall is the fact that, although their side effects are marked as mild, there are numerous cases known to the public in which people have reported grave problems.

Who should be using this type of drugs?

Two groups of people are in need of the medications of this type. Those are people whose body mass index surpasses the 30 point mark and who have not suffered from any of the conditions which are in direct relation to obesity as such, as well as those whose body mass index surpasses the 27 point mark, but who have already suffered from conditions related to obesity (e.g. high blood pressure and diabetes).

Prescription weight loss drugs: types

Appetite Suppressants - Meridia. Among the best known and easily attainable are certainly the appetite suppressants, which can be found in the shape of tablets and capsules. Probably the most known product from this group is Meridia.Redux and Phen-Fen. Others, once commonly used medications belonging to this group, are Redux and Phen-Fen, but given the fact that they caused serious side effects to the heart, they were withdrawn from selling back in 1997. Absorption Inhibitors. As far as the ones approved in the US are concerned, the most known is Xenical. It functions in such a manner that it blocks 30% of fat originating from a diet, from being absorbed by the metabolism. It also needs to be noted that Xenical, together with Meridia, is the sole excessive kilograms loss medicine officially approved when it comes to usage in long run – at least to the two years mark. Beyond that point, effectiveness is still to be confirmed.

Weight loss drugs – how effective are they really?

This is something that probably most of the people who are considering such a treatment are interested in. If we take Meridia and Xenical for example, it should be emphasized that their effectiveness is termed as moderate. This means that, by using them, a person will loss weight up to the average point mark, i.e. 5-22 pounds in the course of the year. Even though this may not sound that convincing, it is nevertheless, a whole lot more than not trying to lose weight without the aid of these drugs. Concerning the short-term effects and benefits, these drugs are known to have the potential and ability to decrease a majority of health related risks, especially in those who are overtly obese. As far as the long-term effects are concerned, more studies and confirmations are still expected.

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